Spring Colours to Brighten Up Your Home

September Spring Series with Majella Group Interior Designer Kate Riordan

FROM organic materials to bright pops of colour, 2017 has proven to be a powerhouse year for interior design trends. And the strong colour trends forecast for the year have shown little to no signs of changing anytime soon.

When thinking of styling your home for spring, it is pretty common to think of flower power, but 2017 trends steer clear of printed textile blooms and their decorative counterparts. Instead, focus on colours that are reflective of your favourite springtime bouquet and incorporate them into your space instead. Think purples, pinks, grey, blue and, of course, shades of green.

Instead of floral blooms, draw on spring shades in landscape prints like this Saguaro Framed Print by Design Twins, $299

Pastel are popular in springtime shades 
Pastels can work to brighten up small spaces or those in your house or apartment with minimal natural lighting. If committing to painting all four walls of a feature wall in your select shade isn’t an option, opt for decorative feature pieces. This may include a large-scale print, vase, cushions, rugs or a statement couch. These elements will draw the eye’s attention and add character into a limited space.

Update your home this spring with greenery and cost-effective terracotta pots such as this Terracotta Italian Pot from Bunnings (Image: Pinterest).

Tone back the basics 
Organic materials, such as stone, concrete and terracotta, provide a blank canvas for you to incorporate this season’s colour trends. Subtle marble veining and a nice slab of polished concrete allows your decorative elements to shine amongst the industrialism of stone. Terracotta is a great option to add to your home in small doses but can date quickly. Opt for a set of indoor pots from Bunnings or a hardware store and add your favourite indoor plants, be it herbs on the windowsill, a fiddle leaf fig in the corner of the room or a cluster of cactus as a statement piece in any room.

This article forms Part #2 of the September Spring Series with Majella Group Interior Designer Kate Riordan.

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