Spring has sprung: take your home from hibernation to rejuvenation

September Spring Series with Majella Group Interior Designer Kate Riordan

SPRING has sprung and there is no better time to rejuvenate your space than now. With lazy Sunday brunches and sunset drinks with friends likely on the cards, giving your home a little facelift will assist in making all facets of your life blossom this season. From brightening your bedroom to storing your winter comforts, we have everything you need to know about transitioning into the season.

Out with the old and in with the new
When decluttering your home, think about the last time you wore an item of clothing or read that old stack of magazines on your coffee table or counter. Unless they hold monumental value, give them the toss. Parting with unused items will free up valuable space in your house or apartment. This will open the door to new design opportunities and let you see things as a blank canvas, ready for decoration. Design with Coco Chanel’s ideology in mind that “less is more”.

Update your home this Spring with a cost effective nod to the season by switching our your throw cushions for options in lightweight fabrics or stylish florals like a bold palm print. (Image: Pampa.com.au)

Switch it, don’t ditch it
Luxurious textiles like velvet and (faux) fur might provide a sense of comfort during the cooler months but don’t necessarily work well as the temperature rises. Something as simple as changing the throw cushions on your sofa will work wonders when it comes to lightening up the room, both in colour and texture. Opt for quality cotton with Spring inspired patterns. Another pro tip is to swap out your heavy, winter block-out drapes for sheer linen curtains (in white or cream) that dance in the afternoon breeze.

Kate’s Pick: Pampa Monte Cushion #1, $195

Storage solutions
Storing your winter favourites can be cost effective, space saving and aesthetically pleasing if done correctly. All textiles, bed covers and winter coats can be stored in dust proof vacuum sealed bags to maximise space or placed in decorative storage baskets, shielded from view.

Kate’s Pick: Freedom MAI Basket Medium, $24.95

Coffee tables and bed frames with storage underneath are not only popular this season, but are a great way to incorporate your signature style whilst maximising available space. If a storage bed isn’t within your budget, opt for rolling drawers that fit easily underneath any bed frame or an ottoman or chest that can store your winter linen and doubles as a comfortable, and stylish, seating option or foot stool.

Kate’s Pick: Fantastic Furniture Retro 2 Drawer Coffee Table, $299

Break from the norm and opt for metallic baskets to store throws or cushions for easy access. This is also a great way to incorporate a decorative build-out to brighten up any empty spaces. Make the most of open shelving by inserting boxes or document holders in fun shades to add a pop of colour.

The weather is warming up but it’s not time to lock away those winter warmers just yet. Opt for a metallic basket to store your throws this Spring. (Image credit: Pinterest)

Kate’s Pick: Kmart Brass Coloured Round Wire Basket, $9

Fibres + foliage
In the living room, change out your plush, dense rug for something made out of natural fibres, such as jute or kilim. These materials provide a sense of organicism that reflects nicely with foliage and lighter fabrics. Have your thick winter rug professionally cleaned so it’s ready for next year, whilst you enjoy the low maintenance qualities of your natural fibre substitute.

Kate’s Pick: The Rug Establishment, Asha Plaited Jute Rug in Honey, $1090

This article forms part of the September Spring Series with Majella Group Interior Designer Kate Riordan.

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